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Aug 17, 2016

There Are Still Good Foreclosures Deals Out There

It wasn’t that long ago when foreclosures were all the rage.  It seemed like every other day there was a story about the foreclosure crisis. There were even laws put in place that changed the way foreclosures were taxed.  While that may seem like forever to some it was only seven years ago.  During that time things have changed in the foreclosure market.  Foreclosures were down roughly 20% in the first half of this year alone.  Many investors who relied solely on this niche have moved on to other areas of the business.  For those that have stuck around foreclosures […]
Aug 10, 2016

Take Advantage of Late Summer Sales

As difficult as it may be to believe summer is almost over.  While the official end of summer isn’t for another six weeks the summer home selling season ends right around Labor Day.  For many sellers this closes their window of selling before the start of the school year and the beginning of autumn.  With this there is often a decrease in the amount of inventory.  As a real estate investor there is still time to take advantage of the few weeks left in the season.  By locating sellers who are desperate to move you can find yourself with a […]