The McGill’s Happy Sands Home Solution, Growing and Scaling in Real Estate with Grand Coast Capital Group’s Help

The McGill’s Happy Sands Home Solution, Growing and Scaling in Real Estate with Grand Coast Capital Group’s Help

Over the past 3 years Walt and Scott McGill have purchased over 20 rehab properties, partnering with Grand Coast Capital Group (“GCCG”) as the funding source for over half of those transactions. They find the expert deal guidance and surety of close offered by the team at Grand Coast to be an invaluable resource as they grow and scale their business.

Together, father and son, Walt and Scott McGill, lead Happy Sands Home Solutions LLC, a full service real estate solutions company specializing in buying, renovating and selling distressed property. Walt, the president of Happy Sands Home Solutions, boasts 36 years of business experience as an IBM executive. He leverages his background in financial management, personnel leadership and information technology to source deals and find success in real estate investing.

Scott, the Operations Vice President of HSHS has an extensive background in implementing franchise based business models after working for several of the top franchises in the US. This experience, paired with his sales management and rental property management, make him an excellent resource for real estate investing. Together, their combined experience position Walt and Scott to provide solutions for their clients and value to their investors – making them very well known within their industry and sought after for their work.

In describing the partnership between Happy Sands Home Solutions and Grand Coast, Walt stated, “We have found Grand Coast to be valuable partners to coach us on specific aspects of the property that they feel is important, based on their experiences across many properties.” He went on to say “We have recommended them (Grand Coast) to many others, especially those who are starting out in the real estate investing business.

As for the future, Walt and Scott are expanding their business into commercial properties and plan to use Grand Coast for financing those opportunities. “As we look to the future, I know Grand Coast capital is the ideal private lender and financing partner that will be there for us to help underwrite and close those larger commercial transactions.”

If you have a deal in Florida’s Manatee or Sarasota County, look up Walt and Scott via their website.

Are you a seasoned real estate investor looking to forge a new partnership and take advantage of investment opportunities in your area?  Are you new to real estate and the idea of a fix-and-flip project, but intrigued by the prospect? Either way, Grand Coast Capital Group can help you. Contact us today!